Free Printable Children's Gospel Tracts For Colouring

These free templates are an easy way to spread the Gospel message to children, they are made for colouring in, with KJV/AV Scripture.

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Patrick The Preacher

This A4 sized free printable sheet takes us back over 1500 years ago, and follows the life of a young boy called Patrick, now widely known as St Patrick.

A great way to share the Gospel with children, print two tracts on each double sided A4 sheet.  Best on light card, 160gsm works well through most inkjet printers.

To cut on an A4 sized paper cutter, fold over the cover "Patrick the Preacher" box and then cut down the middle.



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Christmas Tract Finding Jesus

This free Christmas colouring tract for children can be printed HERE.

It is A4 and needs printed double sided and cut in two, making two fold up tracts per A4 sheet.

If your printer has a double sided printing function, select the option to flip pages on the short edge.  You might have to experiment with this, or you could manually print both sides.

Light card works best, 160gsm fits easily though most inkjet printers.

With the sheet placed landscape, measure in 10cm from the left hand side (across the "But Why???" page.  Fold the right hand side of the page over to the 10cm mark, then the left hand side should fit over and leave "Finding Jesus" on the front.

Now trim the sheet into two tracts, a rotary paper trimmer leaves a good clean edge.  See picture for a visual guide to the folding.

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The Story Of The Seed

Based on the Words of Jesus taken from John 12 verses 24-25.

This FREE printable Gospel tract can be printed by clicking here.

One A4 sheet printed on both sides makes two individual tracts.

The tracts are designed to be coloured in by the child, a great way to spread the Gospel message.  Great to give to unsaved children and also great for beleiving children to colour in and gift to adults.

Light card is best, 160gsm fits well through most inkjet printers.  Print on A4, select double sided prnting and select the option to flip the pages on the short edge.

An A3 paper trimmer would be very useful to cut into two, but you could fold over the cover square "The Story Of The Seed" to reach the black line of the "100% Truth" square.  Then you can trim into two tracts on an A4 paper trimmer, or simply cut into two with scissors.

Simply fold over the other side to make a folded tract as shown.


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The Romans Road

This A4 sized free printable sheet leads the way though the book of Romans, telling the Gospel message as you travel.

Simply print and colour the free template, CLICK HERE.

Great way to evangelise, give these out to children you know and allow the Gospel message to enter more homes.