Old Testament KJV BIble Crafts

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Daniel Chapter 1 - A Purposed Heart

This craft is based on Daniel chapter 1.  

Daniel  and his three friends found themselves in a foreign land against their will, presented with foods that they believed would not be pleasing to God.  They bravely ask to eat just pulses, generally thought to be food grown from seeds, and to drink water.  There is also a colouring sheet available to print based on this same passage.

The free PDF printable template is found here.

  • Carefully cut out the shapes on the above PDF printable template.
  • Use the carrot body and carrot tops templates as a pattern to cut out an orange carrot body and green carrot tops from some coloured card.  Light card is ideal, heavy card will not fold well and crease badly.
  • Using the template as a guide, cut some lines into the green carrot top shape, as shown in the picture to the right.
  • Stick the green carrot top onto the inside of the orange carrot body, roughly as shown by the dotted lines on the printed template.
  • Fold the cone as shown in the picture and secure with double sided tape, staples or glue.
  • Colour the corn on the cob yellow and the heart red.
  • Using the templates for corn leaves, cut out two leaves from a sheet of green card or paper.  As before, heavy card will not work well.
  • Stick the two green leaves onto the corn as shown in the picture, only stick down at the bottom of the leaves as shown, leaving the tops loose.
  • Using a pencil, wrap the top of the leaves round it one at a time, to create a curly effect as shown in the picture.
  • Now stick each item onto a paper plate or page as shown in the picture.
  • I also used a hole punch to create holes for a pipe cleaner handle to hang the craft up with.

Tell Others About God's Word!

Joshua 1:8 KJV "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth..."

The free PDF printable template can be downloaded by clicking here.

This craft requires you to print one A4 sheet, this will make two crafts.  As always I recommend a light card to print on, 160g/M2 fits through most inkjet printers easily, or you could print on paper and glue to a supporting sheet of card after printing.

You can watch a video on how to make this craft on our Instagram or Facebook page.

  • You will also require a paper plate.  I used a pink one, red would also be good or colour in a white one. 
  • Cut the three shapes from the PDF free template and glue the largest shape (with the scripture text) to the back of the plate as shown in the second picture, and fold the plate in two.
  • Fold the two white strips of card in half lengthwise (see the third picture)and  cut one half into four equal sections as shown and the other cut into multiple cut sections to form the teeth.
  • Now stick the "teeth" down inside the paper plate as shown in the fourth picture, make sure the scripture text on the other side of the plate at the top side.
  • Cut out a circle of pink or red paper/card slightly smaller than the inside area of the paper plate.  I used a small saucepan lid.  Cut the circle out and glue down to the inside central area of the plate.
  • Now bend back about 2.5cm of the larger blank cut out from the template sheet and stick it down to form the tongue.  You can then glue the smaller cut out shape (with Know, Obey & Tell text) on top of the tongue as shown.
  • Lastly, place a staple at either end where the plate folds and smile!
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  • strips cutting
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Joseph And The Coat of Many Colours - Genesis 37:3

The PDF template that can be printed free of charge is found here.

Print the free template by clicking on the link above.  I recommend printing on light card, 160g/M2 is good and fits through an inkjet printer.  Ordinary paper is fine too.

  • Colour in the heading and the picture. 

You can either colour the coat or you can use cut out pieces of brightly coloured felt or other fabric scraps.  Cover the coat area with a suitable glue (Pritt stick is good) and stick the fabric pieces down, they can be cut to shape or just roughly patched on for younger children.

Further ideas:

Use 3D googly eyes, colour the background, use pieces of wool for his hair,  just be creative and have fun!

Remember some of the craft items suggested above may not be suitable for children under 3 years of age as they are a potential choking hazzard.

Josiah - The Boy King (2 Kings)

The PDF template can be found here.

Print the template onto light card.  I find that the 160 g/M2 weight works well in an injet printer and does not cause paper jams.  If you do not have card you could stick two sheets of paper together, ordinary paper will be too flimsy.

Next you will need:

Crayons or colouring pencils, scissors, sticky gem stones, large lolly pop stick, sticky tape.

  • Firstly you need cut out the main template.  Then cut the eyes out as shown in the picture.
  • Next colour in the picture.
  • Stick the gem stones onto the crown, this is optional.
  • Lastly stick a large lolly pop stick to the back of the craft, roughly half of the stick.  Sellotape works well or parcel tape is extra secure.
  • Don't forget to write the childs name on the back.
  • The children can use this craft as a fun mask, please remember crafts are not suitable for children under 3 years old due to choking hazzards.


Rahab  (Joshua Chapters 2 & 6)

The PDF templates can be found here and here.

Print the PDF above (on light card)which allows you to print two craft templates on one A4 sheet.  Cut the two towers out and print others as needed. I recommend 160 g/M2 light card for inkjet printers.

The other link is for the scripture text boxes, twelve boxes can be printed on one A4 sheet.  These need to be cut into individual boxes.  Paper or card are both suitable.

Next you will need:

Colouring pencils or crayons, red curling ribbon, double sided tape or glue stick.

  • It is useful to have a small slit cut in each tower in advance, this should be slightly bigger than the width of the curling ribbon.  The slit should be placed at the bottom of the window as shown in the picture.  
  • The children colour the craft.
  • Tie a knot at one end of a lenght of curling ribbon, and slit through the hole made earlier.  The knot should be at the back and big enough to stop the curling ribbon from falling out.
  • Attach the verse to the bottom of the tower as shown, either with double sided tape which can be attached to the scripture box in advance, or with a glue stick.
  • Carefully fold the tower into three walls as shown in the picture, the tower should stand upright.
  • Write the childs name on the back.
  • Remember this craft will not be suitable for children under 3 years - choking hazzard.


The Garden Of Eden - The Serpent Tempts Eve (Genesis Chapter 3)

The PDF templates can be found here.

You can print off two background sheets (with the memory verse) on one A4 page and four sets of tree trunks and tree tops on another A4 page.

Cut the background sheet into two, then cut out the parts of the tree with scissors.

Next you will need:

1 pipe cleaner, some coloured card, craft wiggly eyes, small coloured balls, stapler, glue dots, glue or double sided tape.

  • Cut out a small circle to form a base for the serpents head and then form a circle the same size as the card circle at one end of the pipe cleaner.  Shape the remaining lenghth of pipe cleaner as shown in the picture.  Stick the circle end of the pipe cleaner to the card circle with glue dots, then stick on two eyes with glue dots as shown.
  • The tree trunk needs to be stuck down to the page first and then the tree top is placed on the page, slightly overlapping the tree trunk edges.  You can use either double sided tape or glue sticks.  Double sided tape is a good option if you are working with very young children and are short on help as the glue sticks can be very messy!
  • Use glue dots to stick the "fruits" onto the tree.  I like to remind the children that the Bible does not tell us what kind of fruit it was or what colour etc.  They can be creative!
  • Finally the serpent can be stapled into place as shown or as you prefer.

I have made this craft in the past with a black piece of card stuck behind the tree.  This would be helpful for teaching younger children if you have been using colours to teach them the basics about the Gospel, a black background will help them to remember they have been learning about sin.

The 10th Plague - The Passover (Exodus Chapter 22:13)

The PDF templates can be printed by clicking here.

This craft requires you to print 2 full A4 sheets per child.  As always, I recommend light card (160g/M2 fits smoothly through an inkjet printer) but paper is fine.

  • Start off by getting the children to colour in, there is a lot of detail to colour on the cover sheet, if you have limited time with the children suggest they finish the details at home later.
  • The door needs to be cut around on the three sides as shown in the picture opposite, the vertical left hand side of the door does not need cut.  This allows the door to open and close, fold over neatly along the uncut side.  The best way to slit the door opening neatly is to use a paper trimmer.
  • The under sheet will have printed instructions on it as to where to apply glue, a Pritt/hard glue stick is good for this.  If you want to avoid a mess and be very organised you could cut some strips of double sided tape and apply them to the areas to be glued.  The children then simply need to peel the tape off and stick sheets together.
  • Once the sheets are stuck together (obviously no glue/tape should be applied to the door areas) the door should open and close and reveal the scripture text, this has been included to help the children relate the lesson to their own need of salvation.
  • Remember to be careful with children under 3 years of age regarding choking hazzards and the use of scissors and glue. 
  • You could add some further embellishments such as small wooden craft sticks as door posts, stickers or a gemstone as a door handle and in the centre of the flower.