New Testament Bible Crafts



Blind Bartimaeus Craft

A reversible craft that is held by a craft stick, one side shows black eyes to remind children that Bartimaeus was blind, then flip to the other side and his eyes are opened!  With Scripture verses and the thought of "Faith that follows".

Click here to print the FREE template, you will require one printed A4 template per child.  Light card is recommended, 160gsm usually fits through an inkjet printer easily.

  • Print the free template from the link above and cut out the pieces.
  • Cut out two pieces of coloured card per child, 10.5 X 15 cm.
  • Then the pieces can be coloured in by the children and stuck on to the card pieces as shown in the images to the right.  The black eyes go with the text box that says "Bartimaeus" and the opened eyes with the text box that says "Faith that follows".
  • Roughly half of the eyes should be stuck down to the top of each piece of card using a glue stick.
  • Stick down a large craft stick between the two card pieces and stick the two cards together.  Roughly half of the stick should stick down below the cards to allow the child to hold the craft.
  • 387328191_323346227062080_3361048647598667673_n.jpg
  • 387327685_348292714400967_8298076910752499385_n.jpg

Feeding Of The Five Thousand Craft

This little lunch basket is a lovely way to remind children of the wonderful Bible passage, when a little boy gave his lunch to Jesus, from John chapter 6. 

You can print the free template HERE.  160gsm light card is recommended.

You also need a paper plate for each child, a wooden lolly stick, crayons to colour, glue stick, and breadsticks in a plastic bag/wrap.

  • Print the template above and print enough for each child to have one Scripture text box and four fishes (to make two double sided fish).
  • Colour the paper plate brown.
  • Draw a circle in the middle of the paper plate, approx. 8cm works well.  Then cut into eight sections by cutting in from the outside of the plate to the circle in the centre, see picture.
  • Fold alternate sections inwards, to make four folded upwards, then pull the two sections either side of the four folded parts, and staple into place.  It is much easier to just look at the second picture and this will make sense! 
  • Colour the fish and stick together to create two double sided fishes.
  • Stick the Scripture text box to the top of the wooden lolly stick and then stick the bottom of the lolly stick to the inside of the basket, see picture.
  • Finally, place the little fishes in the basket and the little bag/parcel of bread sticks.  I was able to buy little mini bread sticks which were ideal, you may have to use little crackers or cut larger ones.

The Good Shepherd (John 10 verse 11)

Click here for the PDF printable template (Free of charge).

  • Print off the template from the link above, one A4 sheet is required per child, again light card is recommended, 160g/M2 fits through an inkjet printer easily, or normal paper is fine.
  • Cut out the two sheep patterns and the pictures.
  • Have the children colour in the sheeps head and feet as desired.
  • Apply glue (a glue stick is best) to the sheep with no text printed on it and cover with lots of fluffy cotton wool.
  • Stick the eye picture beside "He looks", the ear beside "He listens" and the heart beside "He Loves".  It is a bit of  a squeeze!
  • This craft is ideal for young pre school children who cannot read, the pictures tell the story, the eye reminds us that Jesus always watches over us, the ear reminds us He hears our prayers and the heart reminds us of His great love.
  • Stick the two sheep pictures together to finish off, either use a glue stick, a stapler or double sided tape (good if you have less time so it can be prepared in advance and the children only need peel off the top tape layer).
  • You could also use a large wooden craft stick (lolly pop stick) stuck in between the two sheep pictures, so the children can hold the sheep by the craft stick.  A 3D wobbly craft eye would also be a good finishing touch.
  • Please bear in mind that some of these craft items are choking hazzards or other dangers to young children, especially under 3's.

The Second Coming Of The LORD (1 Corinthians 15 & Matthew 24)

Click HERE for the free printable PDF

  • Print the PDF by clicking the link above.
  • 160 GSM light card is ideal and will work in an inkjet printer.
  • You will find the PDF needs to be cut into two, the bottom half of the sheet has the eyes and the eyelashes printed that need to be cut out.  Depending on the age/abilty of the children and the time available you may wish to cut these in advance or leave it for the children to do.
  • You may use 3D googly eyes as I did in the pictured example or you may use the eyes included in the PDF sheet.
  •  You need to cut into the two solid black ovals and create the effect of lashes.  Cut up to near the top and fold back like eyelashes.   Then place glue on the uncut edges and stick to the top of the eye outlines. 
  • Colour in the text.
  • You could use a hole punch to make two holes to insert a half pipe cleaner as a picture hanger or some ribbon or string.