Other KJV Crafts

This section is where you will find Bible crafts that cannot be described as exclusively Old Testament or New Testament.  For example, a craft that relates to the entire 66 Books of the Bible! 


The Books of the Bible

We can all agree that it is not easy to remember the entire 66 books of the BIble!

This craft is aimed at helping children to break the learning process up into little sections that can be covered and uncovered as you test your progress! 

Click HERE and HERE to download the free PDF template sheets, you will require two A4 sheets per craft/child. Check the page orientation is set to landscape.

A light card of 160g/M2 will run smoothly through most inkjet printers and adds strength to the craft.  You could print on regular paper and then stick to a sheet of card to add strength.

There is a video of how to make this craft on our Facebook page.

  • If you have a rotary paper trimmer this is ideal to cut around the bottom and sides of each category flap (History, Major prophets, Gospels etc). If using a rotary trimmer please do not allow children to do this as they are very sharp.  Scissors can be used instead but will not be as neat.
  • Fold back along the uncut, top edge.
  • It is easier to colour in the 66 books at this stage, but it can be done at the end.
  • Using a glue stick, glue the sheet with the 66 book names on all the paper that does not have a box with a book of the Bible on it.
  • Position the sheet with the 66 books so that the Old Testament books are to the left hand side. Then carefully lower the top sheet over it.  They should fit so that the books can be viewed when the flaps on the top sheet are opened.  Leave them open until the glue dries to avoid accidentally sticking them down to the bottom sheet.

Further fun ideas...

Decorate with some adhesive gem stones or small stickers. 

Punch some holes at the top of the craft and use a pipe cleaner to hang the craft on a wall for easy viewing. 

Or,  stick the craft to an old shoe box lid and decorate the shoe box.  You could then set the shoebox on its side and have it sitting in a bedroom, with a storage compartment inside!