Other KJV Crafts

This section is where you will find Bible crafts that cannot be described as exclusively Old Testament or New Testament.  For example, a craft that relates to the entire 66 Books of the Bible! There are also animal crafts that are great for jungle type themed lessons.  All crafts have a verse of Scripture from the KJV/Authorised version of the BIble.


Elephant/Jungle Craft - Be Kind

This elephant craft can be used for a few different Bible stories, it not only teaches to "be kind" but also has a reminder of the forgiveness of God we can know by faith.

Ephesians 4:32 KJV "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you"

I originally designed it  to use with the story of King David's kindness to Mephibosheth. 

We were using the theme of Unexplored Bible Stories which is jungle based.  The elephant was used as apparently it is a kind animal to other elephants, and is a jungle creature.  It can be attached to the cup as shown or simply used as a colouring sheet, whether the shape is cut out or left as a complete A4 page.

The free printable template can be printed by clicking here.

You will need the printed template, double sided tape and a paper cup

  • As always I recommend using light card,  160Gsm fits through most inkjet printers.
  • Print the template from the above link and cut out the elephant.
  • You can prepare in advance by attaching some strips of double sided tape to the bottom end of the elephant shape, on the area of the Scripture text. 
  • The elephant simply needs to be coloured in and then attached to an upside down paper cup (see picture opposite) using the strips of double sided tape already attached to the bottom.
  • Encourage the children to bend the ears forward and the tip of the tail to give the elephant a better apperance.



  • 243149497_214433687325185_3938591607789766138_n.jpg
  • 243153190_550250576243202_6214969980995912736_n.jpg
  • 245254468_571709814067650_1382231577266566362_n.jpg
  • 245268427_4704014036328338_7470578233058330637_n.jpg

Jungle Bird Craft with Romans 10:17 Text

This cute bird craft could be used fora few different Bible lessons, in this case it was designed for using with an Unexplored Jungle theme.  The lesson was on Daniel chapter 5 (the writing on the wall), unfamilair sights and sounds.  The brightly coloured jungle birds are very different to the wild birds here in the UK, so reminding us that the Gospel and the Bible are not familair to all people, some people need to be helped to understand God's Word.

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." 

Romans 10:17 KJV.

The FREE template can be printed by clicking HERE.

You will need the printed template (160gsm light card works well in inkjet printers), a large craft lolly stick, assorted craft feathers, scissors, crayons and a glue stick.

  • Carefully cut the two bird shapes from the printed template.
  • The shapes should be coloured in first.
  • Stick down some brightly coloured craft feathers to the tail flaps as shown in the pictures.  I used two strips of double sided tape that were placed in advance, leaving the children ready to peel back and stick down the feathers.
  • Cover one bird shape with glue, covering the circular body area only, leave the tail section free from glue.
  • Stick the lolly stick in position so that it reaches about half way up the bird shape and in the centre of the bird body (see picture opposite for more guidance).
  • Put more glue on the top side of the lolly stick then stick the other bird cut out in place to create a two sided bird with a handle, as shown.
  • If the tail flaps are free from glue the feathery tails should flap about when held by the handle and swiped through the air, creating an almost flying bird!
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years due to choking hazzards!




  • 258104911_629593744861817_9087739384331902272_n.jpg
  • 257734688_276054977797509_8181590442656046241_n.jpg

Snake / Jungle Craft - Lesson on Lies

This snake craft could be used to teach young children about truth and lies.  It fits well with the Bible passage found in Acts 5 relating to the story of Ananias and Sapphira.  Another use would be in teaching about the serpent tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. 

The black plate is useful when teaching very young children who often remember the significance of colours easily, when still not confident readers.  Young children will soon remember that black reminds us of sin if they are reminded often.  If you do not have black paper plates use white ones and have the children colour it black or you could stick a circle of black paper as a background.

The Bible text (KJV) used in the pictured example is, "If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth."  1 John 1 verse 6.  I have not included a free printable template with this craft as it only requires the Scripture text, you can easily create this yourself, and use an alternative verse if desired.

  • You will require a kitchen roll cardboard tube or alternative, scissors, a pipe cleaner, a black paper plate, stick on eyes, crayons to colour, a stapler and a hole puncher.
  • Cut the cardboard tube into a spiral shape as shown in the pictures, note the shaped head and tail.  Roughly cut the shape and don't worry about jagged edges.  Once cut then straighten out and trim edges until straight and smooth and then curl the tube back into the spiral shape.
  • This craft is very quick and easy to prepare and finish, the tube needs coloured in as shown, eyes attached and stapled into place as shown.
  • Punch two holes at the top of the plate to insert the pipe cleaner, twist to create a handle for hanging the craft up.
  • Stick the Scripture text into place as shown.




  • 271732925_1026309998232266_642809351311578989_n.jpg
  • 271760055_923304571710660_2611747374677838151_n.jpg

Tortoise / Jungle Craft - Be Surrendered

This tortoise craft could be used for many different Bible passages, it was designed to use for a jungle themed series, using the Bible story of Stephen being stoned to death (Acts 7).  A tortoise is protected from so much danger by it's protective shell, yet the shell does not always protect  from predators.  As Christians we have the mighty armour of God, yet it is not always God's will to protect us from every danger.  Stephen was surrendered to the will of God.

"As for God, His way is perfect..."  Psalm 18:30 KJV

The FREE  A4 template of the tortoise can be printed by clicking here.

You will need one printed A4 template per child (light card works best, 160gsm fits through most inkjet printers), scissors, stapler and colouring crayons/pencils.

  • Print the template from the above link and carefully cut out the tortoise.
  • Carefully cut a line up to roughly the centre of the central shape on the tortoise shell.  You can see the cut line in one of the images to the left.
  • Allow the child to colour the tortoise.
  • Line up the left tail shape over the right hand one, only one triangular tail should be visible.  Now staple into position, creating a 3D effect to the shell.


  • 245195470_946500699552437_3116163963863460592_n.jpg
  • 245259839_1295740607532273_8372046218161034420_n.jpg

Lion / Jungle Craft - Be A Good Listener

This lion craft could be used for a few different Bible stories or themed Bible lessons.  In this case it was used in an Unexplored Jungle type theme, as the lion is known to be  good listener, which tied in with the Bible lesson.   The Bible lesson was about Rehoboam becoming king and the people of Israel rebelling against him (1 Kings 12 1-17). 

Luke 11:28 KJV

"...blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it."

The free printable template can be printed by clicking HERE.

You will need the printed template (160gsm light card works well), a paper fastener (see picture) and a small paper doilie (approx. 16cm wide), scissors and a glue stick.  I used yellow doilies but you could use white ones and have the children colour them with crayons.

  • Please note the paper fastener would not be suitable forchildren under 3 years, it is potentially dangerous and a choking hazzard.
  • Carefully cut the shapes out from the free printable template.
  • Depending how much time the children will have you can prepare more in advance by attaching the head cut-out to the doilie with glue, and also the tail cut-out can be glued to the back of the body.
  • You need to create very small holes for the paper fastener to be fed through when assembling after colouring.  I used a small hole punch, you could use a sharp pencil.  Place one hole at the base of the nose and one in the central area of the body, see pictures to the left for guidance.
  • If this is prepared as above in advance the children only need to colour in the shapes and assemble the two main parts with the paper fastener.  This creates a moveable head for the lion.
  • When assembled as a finishing touch you can bend the ears forward to lift them off the page a little.




The Books of the Bible

We can all agree that it is not easy to remember the entire 66 books of the BIble!

This craft is aimed at helping children to break the learning process up into little sections that can be covered and uncovered as you test your progress! 

Click HERE and HERE to download the free PDF template sheets, you will require two A4 sheets per craft/child. Check the page orientation is set to landscape.

A light card of 160g/M2 will run smoothly through most inkjet printers and adds strength to the craft.  You could print on regular paper and then stick to a sheet of card to add strength.

There is a video of how to make this craft on our Facebook page.

  • If you have a rotary paper trimmer this is ideal to cut around the bottom and sides of each category flap (History, Major prophets, Gospels etc). If using a rotary trimmer please do not allow children to do this as they are very sharp.  Scissors can be used instead but will not be as neat.
  • Fold back along the uncut, top edge.
  • It is easier to colour in the 66 books at this stage, but it can be done at the end.
  • Using a glue stick, glue the sheet with the 66 book names on all the paper that does not have a box with a book of the Bible on it.
  • Position the sheet with the 66 books so that the Old Testament books are to the left hand side. Then carefully lower the top sheet over it.  They should fit so that the books can be viewed when the flaps on the top sheet are opened.  Leave them open until the glue dries to avoid accidentally sticking them down to the bottom sheet.

Further fun ideas...

Decorate with some adhesive gem stones or small stickers. 

Punch some holes at the top of the craft and use a pipe cleaner to hang the craft on a wall for easy viewing. 

Or,  stick the craft to an old shoe box lid and decorate the shoe box.  You could then set the shoebox on its side and have it sitting in a bedroom, with a storage compartment inside!

"My Cup Runneth Over" Teacup Craft With Scripture Text From Psalm 23:5 KJV

This cute tea cup craft is perfect to make for Mother's day, mum or grannys birthday or a special thank you, there are so many uses!

This craft requires very little resources to make, but it is a little challenging at times for younger children, a little help may be required. 

There is a time lapse video on Facebook and Instagram showing this craft being made

Please click here to print the FREE PDF template with the scripture text.

  • Take one A4 sheet of medium weight card and mark off an 8cm strip along one side of it.  You should be left with a strip 8cm X 29.5cm.
  • Take the other piece of the sheet that is left and cut it in two to form two squares (they are not exactly square)
  • Cut a 2cm strip off the side of one of these squares.  Fold back approximately 2cm at each end of this strip.
  • With the other square, find something circular to draw around that is as big as possible to fit in the square, and then cut out the circle.
  • Cut another circle the same size from cardboard.
  • Stick the two circles together, this will be the saucer.
  • Now take the long 8cm X 29.5cm strip and lightly mark a 2cm band along one of the longest edges.  Take a pair of scissors and make a 2cm cut roughly every 3cm along this edge, this will create little flaps of card that need to be folded inwards.  See pictures opposite.
  • Using two lengths of double sided tape, stick together the two 8cm sides to create the body of the teacup.  It will only need sticking togehter the 6cm, the bottom 2cm now will be folded inwards.
  • Stick some double sided tape to the two flaps you folded at either end of the small 2cm strip of card, use these to make a handle, sticking one flap to the top and one to the bottom of the teacup body.  You will need to round the card a little and  help shape it with your fingers.
  • Now stick the teacup body to the saucer, you could use either a glue stick or double sided tape.
  • Decorate the teacup and saucer.  You need to print the template from the link above and then cut out one of the six colour choices for your heart with the scripture text. You can use this as  the focal point of the decorations.  You could use some decorative colourful tape on the handle, colourful stickers or whatever you feel is suitable.
  • Fill with a small plant, some sweet treats or whatever you think of.


  • 159270961_712141409464851_3658032972443815288_n.jpg
  • 159201915_5219427164795326_8086467752860196172_n
  • 159280331_497750071226944_4964381781550037338_n.jpg